Killers – Direct Hits



2 -LP
1. “Mr. Brightside” (from Hot Fuss)
2. “Somebody Told Me” (from Hot Fuss)
3. “Smile Like You Mean It” (from Hot Fuss)
4. “All These Things That I’ve Done” (from Hot Fuss) Flowers
5. “When You Were Young” (from Sam’s Town)
6. “Read My Mind” (from Sam’s Town)
7. “For Reasons Unknown” (from Sam’s Town) Flowers
8. “Human” (from Day & Age)
9. “Spaceman” (from Day & Age)
10. “A Dustland Fairytale” (from Day & Age)
11. “Runaways” (from Battle Born) Flowers
12. “Miss Atomic Bomb” (from Battle Born)
13. “The Way It Was” (from Battle Born)
14. “Shot at the Night” Flowers Anthony Gonzalez 4:03
15. “Just Another Girl” Flowers Price 4:21
16. “Mr. Brightside” (original demo)
17. “When You Were Young” (Calvin Harris remix)
18. “Be Still” (from Battle Born)


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